Formal requirements in connection with studies:


Studies have to be prepared with any version of Microsoft Word.

Studies have to be written in Hungarian, English or French.

In this periodical we accept studies in connection with any field of jurisprudence, summaries of conferences, reviews.

A short (1 or 2 pages) summary has to be enclosed to all studies. These summaries has to be written in foreign language (if possible in English, by chance German, French, or in case of foreign language studies in Hungarian). All publications written in foreign language have to be vet by a native lector or teacher dealing with legal technical terminology. The fact of it has to be justified with the signature of the lector.

In case of studies written by students, a recommendation of the tutor is necessary. These studies do not need a summary in foreign language.

Maximal length of studies can exceed 80.000 characters without spaces (2 author’s pages) only in case of extraordinary situation.

Bibliography and footnote is compulsory to every study.

Studies have to be sent electronically to the following address: Moreover, studies in written form signed by the author have to be sent to the following postal address: Debreceni Jogi Muhely - 4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 26.



Legal Workshop of Debrecen Internet-based periodical is published in every quarter of a year. Dates of publishing: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October.

Until the 5th day of the previous month before the publishing date of each issue (5th December, 5th March, 5th June, 5th September) studies have to be sent to the following e-mail address:

Studies arrived after this deadline can only be published not earlier than in the next issue.


Information about publishing:

Every article is vet before accept for publishing. Members from the Committee of Copy Editors have the right to accept articles for publishing, return it back for rewriting, or refuse publishing. Copy editors can ask outside contributors for vetting in case of articles from special fields of jurisprudence. If author wants, we can certify the fact of vetting.

Committee of Editors publishes articles (considering publishing dates of issues, special issues) accepted for publishing by the Committee of Copy Editors.

Editors can only make those technical improvements on articles, which are necessary for publishing.

Authors do not get remuneration for publishing in Legal Workshop of Debrecen.